Many people are more concerned about how a shoe looks than how it affects their foot health. However, if you are putting fashion ahead of function, you might be causing harm to your feet and ankles.

With a better understanding of the construction of a shoe and how to select the proper shoe for specific activities, you will be able to improve the overall health of your feet and ankles. Don't worry; functional shoes can still be fashionable. You just need to understand what to look for when purchasing shoes.

The information below can help you when selecting footwear:

Footwear for Deformities

  • Custom-made Shoes

  • Plaster Casts and Strappings

Anatomy of a Shoe


  • Over-the-Counter Orthotics

  • Rigid Orthotics

  • Semi-Rigid Orthotics

  • Soft Orthotics

Types of Shoes

  • Aerobic Shoes

  • Baseball and Softball Shoes

  • Basketball Shoes

  • Children's Shoes

  • Corrective Shoes

  • Cycling Shoes

  • General Athletic Shoes

  • Golf Shoes

  • Men's Shoes

  • Running Shoes

  • Soccer Shoes

  • Tennis Shoes

  • Walking Shoes

  • Winter Sport Shoes

  • Women's Shoes

  • Work Footwear

Wear Patterns


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