These are some products that we provide for purchase in the office:

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Aarica™ reduces excessive perspiration and wetness with a once-daily application. Its odor-absorbing formula is infused with black tea extract and sodium bicarbonate. Aarica has a light clean scent.

Adessa - Heel Liniment

Adessa™ 30 Heel Liniment is specially formulated to soften and soothe hard, cracked heels and dry, thickened skin. The buttery, smooth urea-based formula is rich in emollients to lock-in moisture and help restore the appearance of healthy skin. Adessa 30 Heel Liniment is infused with shea butter, aloe vera leaf extract and vitamin E.

Adessa Nail Gel

Adessa™ 40 Nail Gel is specially designed to hydrate and soften thickened and brittle toenails. With continued use, the unique formula delivers high-potency urea to lift off yellow or discolored build-up to restore a smooth, healthy looking nail. Adessa™ 40 Nail Gel is infused with aloe vera and olive leaf extract which nourish and support nail health.

Castellani Paint 1.5%

Castellani Paint 1.5%

Fortinia Antifungal Powder Spray

Fortinia™ (tolnaftate 1%) prevents the recurrence of most athlete’s foot infections with daily use. This antifungal spray powder absorbs moisture to keep feet and the areas between your toes dry. Fortinia relieves the symptoms of athlete’s foot, including itching, burning and cracking.

Fortinia- Antifungal Solution

Fortinia™ solution is a nourishing formula enriched with lavender oil, wheat germ oil and Vitamin E.

O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet, Foot Cream

O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet, Foot Cream

Healthy Feet contains a high concentration of glycerin that draws in and retains moisture, which is necessary for healthy-feeling, hydrated skin. Healthy Feet contains more of a moisturizing ingredient, Allantoin, which helps to penetrate thicker and rougher skin on the feet

O'Keeffe's Working Hands, Hand Cream

O'Keeffe's Working Hands, Hand Cream

The skin’s natural barrier can be damaged. This damage to the skin barrier leads to increased water loss, which creates dry and cracked skin. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands not only protects skin from further water loss, but also draws moisture into the skin, utilizing a humectant. The protective barrier seals in that moisture, reducing the rate of evaporation.


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